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Voted Americas #1 Youth Motivational Speaker


Meet Doug Dvorak

Doug Dvorak provides a strong source of inspiration and motivation for students, teachers, parents and school staff. Doug has worked with high school students, college students, and associations of teachers and school principal’s to drive motivating and inspiring life messages. His universal and custom tailored presentations are well received and leave audiences stimulated and determined.


In addition to being America’s favorite Youth Motivational Inspirational speaker, Doug Dvorak is a certified sales trainer, management consultant and corporate humorist. Doug holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration in Marketing Management. But Doug’s sense of humor is no less refined, as he is a graduate of the Player’s Workshop of the Second City, one of the oldest and most prestigious improvisational comedy schools in the world.


But what is it that Doug Dvorak really does? First, one must consider, what is it that traverses all people in all places? What tool can improve a student’s sense of self-esteem and self-respect, yet at the same time let them enjoy what they are doing, while clarifying life’s journey (or where they are headed in life)? Humor. The power of laughter can quell the most volatile situation and bring real motivation and pleasure to the most tedious activities. The right dose of humor can bring true administration, teacher and student satisfaction. Doug delivers a top-to-bottom energetic, creative, interactive and fun presentation that actively solicits audience participation in an enthusiastic and non-threatening manner.


Doug conducts personalized self-development presentations and workshops that offer life advice for teens today. Students, teachers, and educational associations appreciate his customized programs which never fail to bring smiles to people’s faces. But regardless of Doug’s comical presentations, he is a gifted speaker whose primary goal is youth enlightenment. In addition, Doug is an active member of the National Speaker’s Association® (NSA®). Everyday new clients are finding out what Doug Dvorak can do for them.

Doug's Favorite Quotes


quote1 Today is the best day to be the best quote2


quote1 Tomorrow is promised to no one quote2


quote1 One day at a time quote2